what’s in a tequila sunrise drink

Hijo a glass with some ice.

Ingrediente Notas

  • Tequila: Use the kind of tequila you enjoy; Silver, Recambio, Año – preferably cien% blue agave.
  • Triple seco: Este ingrediente es el orange liqueur que provee frutos flavors con notas visibles. Personally, I think año orange liqueur will work. Keep in mind that some orange liqueurs are sweeter or more bitter than others. Triple seco es donde sweeter end. ¡If you feel it’s too sweet, try orange curaço instead! It’s more bitter. Se beauty of making your own cocktails. Debe comenzar el envase estándar y tweak it to your specific taste.
  • Lime juice: ¡A great adition! El tart lime juice cómputos de la friolera de la piel.
  • Orange juice: A key ingrediente in a tequila sunrise.
  • Grenadine: Este es thick non-alcoholic syrup, que es heavy y sinks del bottom de las glaces. Grenadine está ayudando al look of «sunrise» en este cocktail.

Sea below for ways to use leftover elementos.

Ingrediente notas:

  • Tequila: Silver, Anexo, Recambio, it all works. cien% agave is best.
  • Lime juice: Purely optional, but oh, sonido amazing. Tequila and lime es best buds.
  • Orange Juice: Freshly squeezed, if you perro. It really makes a huge difference in fácil cocktail like this one.
  • Grenadine: ¿Te little bottle of red, sugary pomegranate-flavored syrup that es una parte de well-stocked bar? That’s the “sunrise.” Syrup sinks para bota de glass, giving cocktail en rosy hue and some sweetness.
  • Soda o seltzer water: Look for an unsweetened, bubbly soda. Optional, pero lightens drink up from syrupy to ahhh, refreshing!
  1. First, en highball glass hijo de ice, pour en la tequila, limón juicio, y orange juice. Then give everything a good stir.
  2. Now for the magic. Slowly pour la grenadine del glass over back of spoon or by drizzling dole side of the glass, allowing to settle at the bottom. ¡Dónde stir! Debe llegar a reposar a sunrise. En el momento en que desee, top se seltzer to lighten things up. Finally, garnish with orange slice and maraschino cherry.

Recibe tipos y variantes:

  • Glassware: The more dynamic, the better. Corte glasas reales espectáculo off the sunrise.
  • Tequila Sunset: Some variations use grapefruit juice instead of orange juice. Otros recipes call para raspberry Chambord, crème de cacao, oro even blackberry brandy drizzled por drink instead grenadine, giving drink a darker, purplish hue que resembles a sunset.
  • Tequila Screwdriver: Make it with tequila, orange juice, y pinch of salt (no grenadine).
  • Grenadine sustituto: Feel free to ensayo s drizzle de maraschino cherry juice, granate molazas, splash of cranberry juice, o raspberry syrup instead.

Tipos y trics

      Keep Layers Separate: te doesn’t splash but rather gathers
    1. Adjust Grenadine: Add more or less grenadine to reach your desired level of sweetness.
    2. Make it nonalcoholic a través de Sprite in place in the tequila.
    3. Este drink usa un servicio de tequila para equivaler a un estándar estándar drink. Always enjoy responsibly.
    1. By the Pitcher: ¿Puesto que expecting friends por brunch, yo’ll posible que se realice en el pitcher instead of individual drinks. Use 1 cup of tequila para every 2 cups of orange juice. Drizzle en grenadine justo before taking it to the table.
    2. Punch: Sometimes I like to substitute pineapple juice para portion of the orange juice. Utilice 2 cups of tequila, 3 cups of orange juice, y 1 cup of pineapple juice. Para flavor, even more, creo adding champagne or even a splash of coconut rum!
    3. Tequila Screwdriver: Utilice justo tequila and orange juice.
    4. Caribbean Sunrise: Sustitute rum for tequila.
    5. Florida Sunrise: Utilice half pineapple juice and half orange juice.

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