tequila song dan and shay meaning

Sin arriba de las memorias se deslizan de una forma de mind, singularmente en el momento en que se comen a sip de “Tequila,” as Dan + Shay sin.

In video reciente para el dúo single, se trekked k crisp and chilly Rojo air a finde a párroco de la snow-covered hores para el tiempo. Eso girl and her friend approach a mano que lo doesn’t responde a sus friendly calls, they discover that the guy es desaf and couldn’t hear them to talk back. Nevertheless, en love story began y blossomed on from there.

Here’s twist between title and content

Rather than penning lyrics o owning shots and partying night away, los songwriters flipped the script and wrote anum the lovelor.

Guys sing in the chorus:

Dan y Shay Tequila Music Vídeo

good, like, ‘Let’s drink tequila and get crazy,” Dan Smyers shared with Billboard Country Update. “But you know, habitual Nashville songwriter, mi brain goes off, y I’m like, ‘What if we we make it a sad song?’”

Facts about “Tequila”

    tixag_14) Writer(s): Esta song es mandada por los integrantes de Dan + Shay (Shay Mooney and Dan Smyers). However, the dúo didn’t write the song alone. They got assistance from 2 otros songwriters: Jordan Reynolds and Nicolle Galyon.
  • Generar(es): In adición a co-penning este track, Dan Smyers asimismo co-produced it alargo con Scott Johnson and Scott Hendricks.
  • Álbum/EP: Este es el segundo song featured donde Dan + Shay’s self-titled 2018 álbum (Dan + Shay).
  • Release Date: “Tequila” fue released el diez January 2018.
  • Esta marca es la first time she ever sung on a record.
  • 2nd Interesting Stuff: La música de vídeo para “Tequila” starred en deaf actor, Nyle DiMarco, pertence a las purposas de su atención a la de community.
  • 3rd Interesting Stuff: Dan + Shay no solo está en 2019 Grammy por este song, pero los asimismo performed it en el ceremonio.
  • 4th Interesting Stuff: The iniciativa to write this song pierna sobre Dan + Shay’s palo Jordan Reynolds, que co-wrote “Tequila”, transporta a su acknowledgement de las parejas opciones para este.

Este script reached number 1 on both Billboard Country Airplay and Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. On The US Billboard Hot cien, “Tequila” peaked en number 21. Está en el recibo del doble-platinum certificado del RIAA and Music Canada.

¿Is Dan And Shay Deaf?

DiMarc y el anzuelo, played by Mica Von Turkovich, son shown in vídeo learning sign language. A resultas del rumor, los integrantes de Dan Shay son mosto likely deaf. Nonetheless, neither Smyers nor Mooney es difficult to hear.

According to Country Fancast, Smyers and Mooney both ha backgrounds en Japanese, Irish, Scottish, English, and German. Los tattoos son mosto likely de when they vas them in Salt Lake City through the time that their song 19 You + Me toman to gain popularity across the country. El Smyers’ es arm alt, está en Roman numeral 19, while on Mooney’s right arm, está en Roman numeral IX.

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