tequila shot squirt lime in eye

made habitual por rugby jugadores, stuntman shot es baddest -ss shot you will ever take. You snort on-line de salto, followed by en shot de tequilla. You then squeeze lime juicio into the eye and take a punta en la cara del opposing teams (el friend if youre not a rugger) player. dude, larry se f-cked up after a few stuntman shots! en drinking game originating in hawai’i. 1 first snorts en la línea de salto, squirts a limón en su eye, y finishes s shot de tequila. él es mal, pero no deadly y todas y cada una de las suertes de notas de notas en el bar;

step 1: snort en la línea de salto up your nose. step 2: drink en shot of the worst viable tequila the bar has. step 3: squirt en lemon in your eye, tira making you completely forget sobre salto a nuestro nose and horrible tequila taste. y went to minneapolis last week and y was introducido to the stuntman shot. yte hardcore. this is the real stuntman shot. 1: usted drink the shot 2: yo lick the salt 3: usted snort the shot 4: ardiendo el limo en su eye 5: get slapped across the face.


  • 8 oz. Coconut Milk
  • 3 oz Silver Tequila
  • 1 Lime juiced
  • 1 oz. Grand Marnier
  • Garnish- Cinnamon keto whipped cream, limo zest, granadiza seeds
  • Mezcle todos y cada uno de los elementos cocktails en shaker over ice.» Shake until chilled. del 4 largos dobles heladas o 8 smaller ondas: Garnish with the whipped cream, lima zest y granada seeds and serve

) Photo by – quoteslyfe

Shaken, No Stirred-

Este drink goes down real easy! from the coconut) and it looks se festive and fun too! t only takes en few short minutes to make y en handful of staple bar elementos.

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