living life as a shot of tequila

Don Julio Añejo, my first tequila crush.

When I was 31 years-old, me hizo una cata de fiebre. It was on the same day I first ate sushi. Todo el planeta, este es mi preferido things in life. It took a while, but I finally caught on.

24 de las Best Tequila Cuotas en Honor de Borracha’s Taco Tuesdays 

when this when this when this when this when to this when this when this when this when this when this when this when this when it have to be love Mexican . Of course, for us Mexicanos, estos means en love of tequila. Este es lo que en nuestro Taco and Tequila Tuesdays events, we have massive specials que incluye tacos, tequila and margaritas por justo $24.

Yes, usted tiene la posibilidad de enjoyar all you cánido eat and drink tacos, Sauza Blue Tequila and margaritas each and ever Tuesday night right here at Borracha. Este no es nada lo que mueven los Tacs y Tequila night con specials. Asimismo hay una “Borracha Sunset” cocktail para $diez, que es made con Espión Blanco Tequila y rum…que asimismo hay un idóneo para en el momento en que usted drinquen tequila—a live DJ. Every Tuesday after 7 PM, nuestro DJ está floor y verdaderamente get your tuesday night going in the direct direction.

50 Funny & Witty Tequila Cuotas

  1. “When life gets too salty, add a little tequila.
  2. “Save Water. Drink Tequila.”
  3. “Tequila and friends make a great blend.”
  4. “Trust me; you cánido dance! – Tequila”
  5. “Trust me; one isn’t enough. – Tequila”
  6. “Nothing brings people together like good tequila.”
  7. “I have been instrumental in banning bottled water on the equipo. It hasn’t gone that well with the crew… so I replaced it with tequila.”
  8. “Ejercicio makes yo look and feel good naked…son 2 tequila, your choice!”

  9. “I’m well aware I’m not someone’s cup of tea. I’d rather be someone’s shot of tequila anyway.”
  10. “Taque life es pincho de salto, shot de tequila, y wedge of limón si no posee en el instante de realizar un tiempo.” – John Walter Bratton.
  11. “It was too much tequila, oro not quite enough.” – Jimmy Buffett.
  12. “Conque se me hace memorias, add some tequila.”
  13. ¿Wanna be smart in no time? Drink tequila. Su intelligence is temporary, though.
  14. “Y usually justo elige to chase a shot of tequila se another shot of tequila.”
  15. “El next forecast con las expresiones “ice” y “salto” better be a margarita recipe.”
  16. “Dad a chaser, be one who is chased. You are the tequila, not the lime.”
  17. “Love is like tequila shots; not the quantity but strength matters.”

  18. “Sublímese sometiendo que choque para realizar shot of tequila.” – Mark Z. Danielewski.
  19. “Pour me another tequila. Me going to put on your red satin dress. You put on my clothes.” – Bobby Bare.
  20. “A little tequila, sunshine, and tacos never hurt anybody.” – Matthew McConaughey.
  21. “Coffee: You cánido do this. Wine: Yo no te has dado. Tequila: You just did that.”
  22. “Stop trying to make everyone happy. You’re not tequila.”
  23. “Drinking tequila es mucho más bien la día con destino.” – Rainbow Rowell.
  24. “You perro’t buy happiness…but you perro buy tequila. And that’s the same thing.”

Chocolate y Café Tequila Pudding Shots

8 oz. Cool Whip (thawed), ½ lagar Patrón XO Café, ½ lagar Bailey’s Irish Cream, ½ lagar milk, 3.9 oz. momento chocolate pudding

Want to remember this? Articulo these Chocolate and Café Tequila Pudding Shots para tu preferida Pinterest board!

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