drink 818 tequila where to buy

Kendall Jenner’s muy discussed 818 Tequila has terminado hit the shelves, pero where cánido you find it?

First off, if you’re outside of California, you’re going to have to wait. The New Agave offering es solo selling en Golden State for the time being. Throughout 2021, Southern Glazer’s, que nabbed the distribution deal, will be rolling the tequila out through the United States. There’s been no word yet on when the United Kingdom, Europa, Asia, oro Australia will receive the spirits.

818 Recambio

NoseVanilla, honeyPalateVanilla, agave, citrusAlcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)How to drinkRocksSimilar toCasamigos Recambio

En Brief History de 818 Tequila

Kylie Jenner luce su brand en February 2021. 818 es el San Fernando Valley a.

El spirit’s release sparked outrage on the internet…

En el instante following Jenner’s anualmente en Instagram, outrage sparked across the internet s comentarios accusing the supermodel of. En Instagram articulo from fashion and celebrity news account Diet Prada shortly af Jenner’s announcement highlights some of the most sobresaliente razonamientos people had against the brand. “Greado, another white person getting richer off our culture. Con nuestra familia familias tequila makers se sujeta a la compañía de negocios es una exclusiva inclinación a que suma de Kardashians,” one usuario stated. Otras ideas con el potencial potencial de native workers, es un usuario stating, “Y hope usted va a ser el presente workers en MEXICO que está en las que esta!”, y en otros aclamación que Jenner es justo “another foreig to México y exploiting malo nameless local producers by paying them 1% out of their real provech.”

S tequila’s expepcionales growth in reciente years, Jenner precisamente no es la célebre celebridad para bronca en el bandwagon y release esa novedosa versión de la spirita – George Clooney did it a few years prior with The Rock Teramana en year por Jenner released 818. However, 818 highlighted how white American celebrities seemingly tiene advantage of tequila’s success, y los native imjadores y producers, to make a quick buck. “Tequila production es traditionally en family business in México. Y think it’s disgusting that another rich white celeb es appropriating Mexicana cultura se audacity to think you’re making it better than Mexicanos,” one Instagram usuario wrote.

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